Dan Donaghey has been in a handful of bloody good Norwich punk and hardcore bands, including No Fun and the sadly rather short-lived Caged In. I emailed him to ask him a few questions about how it’s all going, and his new band, Street Piss. I wasn’t aware he was also making electronic music (as Detox Water) at the time of this interview, but check that stuff out too.

– Tell me all about Street Piss. What sort of thing are you guys doing?

Street Piss is a band I have with two of my good friends, that don’t take ourselves too seriously (hence the name). The sound is kind of in the vein of Black Lips, it’s just rowdy party punk/indie, the kind of band I’ve wanted to do for a very long while.

– Has Street Piss got any plans to record or tour?

Yeah, we’re planning on recording in the next few months. We played our first show last month, and got a great reaction. It was kinda funny because people admitted to me afterwards they were expecting it to suck. Hopefully we’ll be able to do some shows out of Norwich too.

– What prompted the move away from hardcore? Have you really forgotten the struggle and/or the streets?

Haha, I still really enjoy punk/hardcore, it’s just quite nice to play something a little different. I’ve always found myself playing guitar in punk bands, it’s just cool to do my thing for once y’know?

– Have you got any plans for Caged In if you can get ahold of the others? What’s happening with Sonic Order, the project with Jack from Jackals, among others?

I’m sure Caged In will do another show again, it was a really cool project to do with, again, some of my good friends, but I don’t think I’ll be joining another hardcore/punk band again anytime soon. I got kicked out of Sonic Order (that makes them sound mean I know) but the truth was I couldn’t really afford or commit to it as much as I’d have liked to. Are they still doing that band? I have no idea.

– Finally, you’ve put on a fair few shows. Have you got any hints and tips for people looking to put on DIY shows in Norwich?

Yeah, I’ve done a fair amount of shows over the years. My advice? Get someone else to do all work for you. I’m just kidding, putting on your own gigs if a great way for your own band to have a platform, and it’s a really great way of meeting others. I’ve never done it for the money, which is why the majority of my shows are free, and I intend to keep it that way if I can help it. I just enjoy organising a night in which my friends can congregate and watch each other’s bands and have a few drinks. If you have a passion or an interest for that kind of thing, I honestly recommend getting involved, as it keeps you busy and gives you something for you and others to look forward to.

– Cheers for doing this!

No problem man. Thank you for taking an interest.

[interview conducted by Ned Samuel, originally published in No More Gigs issue 2, January 2015]


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